I take it all back.

When I went to sleep last night, there were no possessed reindeer to be seen by the naked eye. When I woke up this morning? As if by magic, there they are! I told you they're possessed.

(And yes I shall absolutely take pictures of them now that they are up.) (But not now.) (Because I haven't worked up the courage to look at them out the window for more than three second intervals yet.) (I'll get there.)


Oh, Oh, and news! I won a contest! A real prize! And it wasn't from NaBloPoMo! Hee. Hey, my chances of being 35/2000 or something were pretty slim, so I didn't really have expectations to win anything from there, you know?

BUT one of the blogs I discovered from the Randomiser was having a contest of her own; anyone who commented on her blog in November was placed in the draw for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. And my name got picked out! Mine! I won something! Excuse me while I frolic around my room a little.

Shameless Plug: Thankyou to Jenny from for a lovely surprise when I got home from work. Now, what to spend it on? I'm absolutely playing with my wishlist now.

Now, onto the shoesies.

Someone asked what size shoe I wear, I think it was Desiree. Sadly, while I wish I had smaller feet, my stompers are a hefty size 9. They are also kind of pudgy, and I have one "second" toe that is longer than my big toe, and one "second" toe that is shorter than my big toe. Basically, I am a freak.

Oh, and because Aimee was tired of seeing comfy yet ugly shoe specimens, I dug out a NICER pair today. Are you happy now, pretty lady?

Do these babies look familiar? If anyone remembers back before Halloween, these are THE shoes from Amazon, that the wonderful Beth shipped over here for me. Sadly, I am yet to wear them out because they make me look like a bloody giant however I WILL remedy this over Christmas. I will, I will, I will. Broken ankles are NOT included.

Janet has tagged me for a little question thingy-majingy, but I shall do that tomorrow because the magical appearing and disappearing possessed golden reindeer story I just HAD to share with you all.

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