New Zealand: The Adventure (Part 1)

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now and I think if I leave it any longer, it will already BE the New Year.  For all of you guys who did my nifty little quiz (shame on you pikers!!) you might know that I fly out to New Zealand on the 7th of January.

Which is not actually that far away.

Which is sort of scary.

These are the plans. We fly out of Sydney and into Christchurch airport on the 7th of January, giving us the afternoon to wander around and find our hotel for the night. There is the usual "night before" Contiki information session that night, which we may or may not go to - depends on what else there is to see and do. Being a semi-paranoid freak that I am, I'm pretty sure we'll be attending. Yep.

The next day, our Contiki begins. We start on the South Island (obviously, if you know where Christchurch is) and the tour goes a little something like this.

**This is a super condensed version that doesn't mention everything but DOES mention the possible optional death-defying things Jason and I plan to do while we're in each city. Oh crap.**

**Oh yeah. This will only be the first half because I am lazy and can't be bothered to type it all up in one day.**

Day 1: Christchurch to Lake Ohau
Highlights are a glacial lake, Mt Cook and a dinner at the lodge on Lake Ohau.

Day 2: Lake Ohau to Milford Sound
Highlights are more scenery and an overnight cruise around Milford Sound. (I don't get to room with Jason here, boo!)

Day 3: Milford Sound to Queenstown
Highlights are the BUNGY JUMPING bits, which is an optional I'm going to do - provided that the bungy rope can hold my weight that is. I'm fairly sure I'm going to do it; and then watch lots of other people do it. Hee.

Day 4 and Day 5: Queenstown
Highlights are that this is the real adventure section of the tour. There are so many optionals that it is impossible to fit them all into two days OR be able to afford them all, they're not cheap. We went through the optionals list and narrowed it down to White Water Rafting & a Shotover Jet Boat ride, Bungy Jumping, Horse Riding (Yeah, I chose that one) and a Lord of the Rings trail hike. Who knows what we'll end up doing though, it all depends on the tour, the weather, what's available.. suffice it to say there is a crapload of stuff to see and do.

Day 6: Queenstown to Fox Glacier
Highlights are more scenery and an optional extra that we're keen to do; a four hour glacier hike across Fox Glacier! Wow! It's supposed to be absolutely stunning.

Day 7: Fox Glacier to Christchurch
Highlights are being back at the beginning and actually being able to sightsee this time around. We get to go through the Alps on this part of the tour, which should be just amazing.

Day 8: Christchurch to Wellington
Highlights are driving along the cost, and catching a ferry from the South Island to the North Island. Optionals are a Quad Bike ride (very expensive) or a Nature 4WDing experience. We're leaning towards the Nature one, cheaper and a longer tour. Should be great!

The second half of the tour comes tomorrow - so stay tuned!

Now for some more Colorados, and possibly the most awkward picture of my feet that I have taken in all of December.

Once again, my shoddy photography doesn't show the nice low heel. These are my other pair of "teaching" shoes, since they're comfy but still look sort of dressy with a skirt.

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