Merry Christmas, Ya'll.

Brave things I've done today;

Ventured out to three separate shopping centres.
Grocery shopped at Christmas time.
Survived getting home in the heaviest rain I've seen all year.
Parked in squishy spaces and had no accidents.
Reversed up my driveway.

Go me! I am quite proud of myself, hee. Oh, I also snapped a shot of my hair, except as was predicted I have been unable to get it all flippy and choppy like the hairdresser did the day she cut it. Evil, evil woman. Anyway. This is not for the faint hearted.

So... you can't really see the haircut well, my hair looks brown, and I probably should stay away from the Clinique lipstick that I sent away for, but there we go. Hair.

Since we are having (one of) our big dinner tonight, I won't spend long here today. Instead, I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas since Australia-lan is miles (or should I say kilometres?) ahead of my international stalking buddies.

Be safe, have fun and have some jelly shots. I know I will be.

Baby, it's cold outside. Time for some Mary Janes. LA LA LA.

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