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I was rather brave tonight.

For those who have read for a while, you'll know I'm a Sydney gal - but I don't live in the city. I live about fourty minutes from inner Sydney, which is perfect for me because frankly? The city kind of scares me, unless I have people looking after me. I'm actually twelve, didn't you know?

Anywho. Jason had his work Christmas party tonight. In Drummoyne. Which is a fair hike from me, heading towards the city. I'm a nervous driver when it comes to driving to places for the first time, I panic about all sorts of things - whether I'll miss turn offs, what will happen if I end up in Canberra, that car that is driving too close to my lane, OMG I wonder if there will be parking, what do I do if there is no parking! omg! - so you get the point.

Me + Driving new places = (Usually) Unnecessary stress.

After realising that I needed to drive myself to this occasion, I promptly went to my favourite directions site and printed them off. Hmm. Didn't look too bad; Only a 37 minute journey. Ha. My computer then exploded, adding to the stress levels, and then it was time to go.

Holy crap.

As to be expected when you have me driving on my own on unfamiliar roads (with no freaking street signs, bloody hell people, how hard is it to erect a damn sign? I got completely lost. I ended up heading towards inner Sydney, so promptly panicked and turned left into the first street I could find.

I ended up in Balmain. Which is not Drummoyne. So I turned back and drove around some more. Then I ended up in Leichardt. Which is not Drummoyne. Then I parked on the side of a road somewhere in the middle of Balmain & Leichardt & Drummoyne, called Jason and put on some Sarah McLachlan to de-stress.

Did I forget to mention that I had left my street directory at home, and was depending entirely on one damn print out sheet with a squiggly arrow from my home to Drummoyne as a guide? Fuck! (That was actually the extent of the text message I sent to one of my friends while I was waiting.)

Turns out I was about two seconds from the damn restaurant, AND I managed to find the last parking spot too, so thank goodness for small favours. And now I know where Norton Street is, because I've been meaning to go there for a while now. Ha! I can drive there now! I am woman! Roar!

Gorgeous restaurant, on the water overlooking the city skyline. It was a beautiful night, a nice breeze and just really, really nice. Huge plates with tiny, completely weird meals on them. Poor Jason got stuck with no options again, since I don't eat seafood, but he didn't complain. The dessert was this passionfruit mousse served with coconut icecream - YUM.

So basically? It's nearly time for me to wake up, I'm tired, I'm slightly grumpy and still have stress levels on alert. And did I mention I have MY work Christmas party tomorrow night? I have a feeling I'll be BYO-ing tomorrow and letting Jason be the chaueffer, since I had the job tonight. I'll need it!

Why is it that when I think I look nice, I can't take a decent picture of myself to save my life? Anywho; Me and my dirty bathroom mirror would like to give you a big cheesy grin.

Speaking of shoes, here are the ones I teamed up with my (gasp) dress tonight. I even brought out a toe ring, got all dolled up and then changed the shoes in a mad panic, not wearing them after all. Damn. Nearly 1am! Yipes!

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