Frightening Crafts

I must say, I'm enjoying teaching in the last two weeks of school. Enjoying a GREAT deal.

Mainly because holidays are all of 7 working days away, but also? My teaching programme finished up last week, so from here on in, my class is taking it easy. That means LOTS of craft and Christmas music! Lots of Christmas music!

As a bonus, the holiday season makes it totally okay for us to spend the day doing craft! Hoooooray! It was always my favourite time of the year as a kid, now it's my favourite time of the year as a teacher.

Today saw us making a cute snowman picture. The kids were given a sheet with all different snowman "bits" on it, including a top hat, his mittens, a scarf, some eyes and a button nose, just the main bits - but they were NOT given his head, or his body, or anything like that.

Their job was to cut it all out, stick it down on craft paper and fill in the gaps wherever they could. Sounds simple, no?

Oh man, the results were hilarious!

I had one Frosty without a head.
I had one Frosty with mittens stuck on his head like ears.
I had one Frosty with his scarf wrapped around his nose, looking alarmingly like some sort of assassin.

But the classic Frosty?

He had eyes that were GLOWING. Mmhmm. This clever kidlet decided to cut some red cellophane paper out and stick it behind his eyes. It was one of those drawings whose eyes followed you wherever you went. Scary, Frosty. Not only do I have possessed vanishing reindeer to hide from, now it's demonic snowmen. Christmas is supposed to be JOYFUL. I need to find a happy place. Find a happy place.

Oh yes - I wanted to post a picture of my headband, because Janet has one just like it on her wishlist. For some reason when I took this picture, my hair comes out very dark. Perhaps next time I ought to put the flash on properly?

Never mind the fact that my hair is eating the headband for breakfast, it IS cute and very pretty. (And absolutely perfect for hiding messy hairs.)

Shoesies for the day are thanks to Colorado, also known as "That place where I spend way too much money I should be saving."

I only got these ones last week, and they were nearly half price and SO comfortable. Perfect teacher shoes. AND they match the headband! A match made in heaven.

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