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It is an important day in teacher land. A one off, live event is happening. It involves costumes, stage fright and good old fashioned country music. And it is happening TONIGHT.

My class (and the rest of the school too but WE are more important so nyer!) are performing in the School Spectacular concert!

The kidlets are excited. And their teacher is excited. Actually, it's kind of hard to pick who is more excited. It's my very first time creating a concert item all by myself, teaching them a dance, the words, the movements, how to keep their mouths shut coming on and off the stage; it's all so EXCITING. I think I shall deem that as the word of the day. (Effing stressful would be my second choice, in less polite terms.)

So because I am a bundle of nervous energy at the thought of the kiddies performing tonight, and having them all dressed properly and not falling off the stage and keeping their cowboy hats glued to their little heads, I'm taking up Janet's taggage. (Absolutely a word.)

Keep in mind I've already done the "And You Thought You Knew Me" meme in the spirit of running out of things to say in NaBloPoMo - so cripes, if these sound repetitive that's why. Deal with it, suckers.

Without further ado, I present to you the "Six Weird Things" meme.

1. I share this particular weird trait with my momma; we are able to begin weeping at rather strange times, particularly when a television set is involved. Movies, TV series, commercials, advertisements: You name it, we cry. My worst moment of shame? This dairy ad, showing this gorgeous little girl with red hair growing up nice and healthy (because of the DAIRY, you see?) and then she gets older and has her own little beautiful red haired daughter and she's healthy too (because of the DAIRY, you see?) and OMG. Tears. And I can't even blame PMS for it, since the tears can appear at any time.

2. I am in contention as being the world's most terrible procrastinator, yet I really can't be late for things. I would rather leave for an event an hour early and sit in my car waiting, than turn up on time or (gasp) late. In fact, I don't think I've ever been late to anything that I can remember? I'm always the dork that arrives before everyone else; I used to carry a book around with me for that very reason. It's the same with paperwork and study; I procrastinate like you wouldn't believe, yet I have never handed a single thing in late. Not once.

3. I'm semi-stealing Janet's one here; I think doctors are a waste of time. I generally don't go to them unless I need a prescription filled OR need a medical certificate OR feel as though I am dying, yet every single time I get told the same thing; "Get some rest and take a Panadol." No shit. You don't say? Rest? What is that? And Panadol? Who'da Thunkit? Besides, the internet is my very own doctor; it's a shame it doesn't write medical certificates. The wonderful internet told me I probably have second degree burns from my sunburn and guess what I had? Second degree burns. I heart you, internet. Oh, and I also got told to take a Panadol until the sunburn eases up. Go figure.

4. I sleep in summer pyjamas practically every night, no matter what the season is. Except when I happen to be sleeping not-at-home, since I don't think many people are interested in me frolicking around in summer nighties. It's not that weird in summer but in winter, I sleep with the window open and the fan on, as long as I am snuggled under my doona. I hate getting hot in my sleep; I have kicked off pants, socks and jumpers in my sleep before.

5. I've never been a clucky person, but in the last six months something happened that changed my mind. I'm definitely wanting my own kids sometime in the future. I have absolutely no idea how this happened; I've never been set on having them anytime soon. And the funny thing is? I'm still not exactly sure what to DO with babies. Give 'em to me when they're 4 and onwards and I'm fine, but babies? Not sure about that one. Perhaps I need my own kids to um, appear, before I get more confident with them. Where did this weird urge to have kids come from? Help!

6. I have one second toe that is longer than my big toe, and one that is shorter than my big toe. And you might even be able to see that if you peer closely at my December shoe pictures; not that I recommend staring at my pudgy feet for long amounts of time, it may cause damage to your retinas.

Hrm. If you've done this before or are not interested, you can do ten star-jumps instead. But I think I'll tag Aimee, Lala, Ngaire, Tasmiya and Lara. And of course, any other lovely who is interested. Jump right in, folks.

Aside from making my feet looked extremely tanned, the sandals you see below also make my
feet look like squished sausages. But they are my newest shoe
purchases (apart from the Colorados that are flying through the post
right now; home shopping is fabulous!) and are actually really cute.

These ones I am dedicating to Jen. Because despite appearances (and a huge still-red sunburn area complete with a key chain mark around my neck) I am still actually, the world's palest individual. My legs and stomach can probably reflect laser beams.

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