The Keyboard that Asploded!

I think I forgot to mention that I had a minor (ha!) altercation with my computer the other night, that had me on the verge of a ginormous sook before Jason's Christmas party.

I was checking my lack of email, when all of a sudden the keyboard froze up. Nothing worked. I banged it a couple of times, hissed and sighed at it, tried sweet talking it but nada. Keyboard go boom.

So, thinking I was being smart I shut down the computer and wiggled the keyboard connection at the back. Turned it back on again and nada. The computer would not turn on. It got stuck on the data pages before Windows loads. Complete freeze-age. Computer go boom.

I restarted a couple of times and still couldn't get past the freeze page. Then came the panicked phone call to Jason - "The computer's dead! It's just dead! I didn't do anything! It just died! Is dead!"

Ever so calmly, he instructed me to find a spare keyboard - "WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET A SPARE KEYBOARD? Have I mentioned it's time to go, and I have to leave now? But I can't leave with it dead! What am I going to dooooo?" Anywho, I finally found a spare one, plugged it in, said a few prayers, stroked the computer tower lovingly and Ta-dah! Guess who's back?

The moral to the story? Sweet talking computers will get you nowhere. They are evil, evil machines that enjoy watching you suffer. Beware.

Perfect for a lazy Sunday. Did I mention the time I was asked to wear these to a wedding - where I was a bridesmaid?? The bride didn't want us to be taller than her, so we got stuck in formal dresses and ballet shoes. Not a good look, if you ask me.

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