Oh No!

I bring you sad news.

The neighborhood competition for tacky Christmas lights has begun.

Yes, I know. A minute's silence would be a great idea right about now.

(Once again, I am not a scrooge, I am just not a fan of people driving past our house, walking on our lawn and blocking our driveway all hours of the night leading up to Christmas, just to make comments like "Oooh! Aaaah!")

There are still many moons before Christmas arrives, too.

(Oh, and I'm all for viewing Christmas lights because in spite of all my whinging, I actually ENJOY looking at Christmas lights. That is, only when I am the person driving past houses, walking on lawns and blocking driveways. Comprehend?)

I'm devastated though, that an integral part of the Christmas tradition is missing from the house across the street. It's really, really upsetting. It's like having a nativity scene that is missing the baby Jesus. You just don't DO that!

The evil, possessed, head-turning mechanical reindeer are missing.

I know! It's just tragic. I feel a bit lost for words right now. I just don't know how I'll cope going to sleep without those evil eyes that never stop watching you peaceful eyes wishing me goodnight. And what exactly is the mooning Santa cutout we bought for this year going to flash it's butt at?

I'm disappointed, neighbours. You have exactly 21 days, three weeks, to remedy this blatant disrespect of Christmas, or else.

These are what I'll be wearing to school today. They are Colorado, my most favourite shoe brand in the whole wide world, and I've had them for about five years. (I spent a rather hefty sum on these shoes, but they have lasted, restoring my faith in shoes.) And so, I bought another pair, but that's a story for another day. I wish I had bought more, because when these shoes die? I will consider just walking around barefoot, because there is NO match for them.

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