Andddd.. now we're done.

Call me crazy, but I swear Christmas flies by faster every year.

I was spoiled; some really dainty earrings from Jason, new white gold studs from my parents, DVDs, book vouchers, stationary - what more could a girl ask for? (Apart from a new phone, but that's a whole different story altogether.) Here's hoping Santa was good to you!

I'm going to spend the rest of today (and possibly tomorrow) watching DVDs and eating leftovers, meaning that unless I happen to discover something really amazing in the fridge, my blogging ideas are well and truly on hiatus.

Perhaps I'll have more positive experiences to write after I con my family into playing Cranium with me? (Don't even get me started on the big Cranium sulk-fest of Christmas Eve 06. There were casualties, and quite a few tears.)

Because it has been unseasonably mild the last couple of days, here is another dodgy shot of some more pretty boots. These ones are only mid-calf, but have really cute studs going up the top. I can also walk in them which is a nice bonus, for a change. (You realise now I mentioned how beautiful the weather is, we'll get hit by a huge heatwave. Great work, Aly.)

I stomp on Christmas drama with my boots. Stomp, stomp.

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