My Conspiracy Theory (yes, it involves reindeer)

I think I've figured out the whole possessed reindeer thing.

(Oh, and I've had several google hits on my blog for people searching for possessed reindeer, how's THAT? They must be breeding. Lock your doors!)

It seems that the reindeer are placed out in prime "viewing" time and then are locked away in a stable garage for the remainder of the day. Maybe they need some time away from the paparazzi. I do not know. All I do know is that they are back.. with a vengeance.

It has also been quite suspicious around here lately. The neighbours who are responsible for the possessed reindeer breeding ground have been outside on their front lawn every bloody time I wanted to take a photograph. Perhaps they are making sure that the reindeer are not stealing and eating people's babies as they walk past, admiring the decorations.

This photo I managed to snap whilst peering out my window, hence the blur. My $99 digital camera has no zoom so you should know that whilst it is perfect for snapping footsie photos, it is not so good for stalking demonic reindeer.

Be thankful that I had to minimise this photograph; you've been spared the other two members of the herd who reside over near the candy cane.

Just like most scary things, they don't look so scary in the morning; but when night comes? That's when the heads begin rotating and split pea soup comes flying out of their mouths. Okay, that hasn't happened YET, but I am holding my breath.

The kidlets concert was fabulous last night! My feet hurt, I was hot and grouchy and tired, but it was a good time. I'll blur some faces and share some pictures tomorrow, since I'm too lazy to do it now.

And in shoe news, I recieved my Colorado purchases in the mail today. Two new pairs, one black, one brown, and a silver watch. I am in heaven. If my feet still weren't so sore from standing up in my damn heeled sandals all day, I would be wearing them right now.

Instead, these are the shoes which caused the afore mentioned sore feet.

Once again, I managed to take a photo of my feet looking like squished sausages, and sadly you can't really see the funky cork wedge. Suffice it to say they cost me $10 at Big W, I have lived in them at school this year and after standing in them for twelve hours yesterday? I've decided that my ugly but comfy shoes are MUCH better choices for long school days.

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