Happy Summer!

(Or Winter, depending on where about you are residing in this big, ol' world.)

Today's weather sure did mark the occassion here. It was very, very, ickily hot. Hot as in over 40o yet again. I hate Summer. Please, can someone in the USA send me some cold weather? And snow? Please? Great. Thanks.

[My sunburn: YEAH. DOWN WITH SUMMER. Blister, Blister, Peel, Peel.]

I spent my day hiding inside my classroom with all of the lights turned off. I was banned from doing sport or standing in the sun because of the burns-from-hell, so took the opportunity to finish my kids report cards for the end of the year.

And I am done! Finito! I had my supervisor look over them three times, and each time she found a magical spelling mistake that I SWEAR I had fixed the first time. My work computer is possessed, and likes to mess with my head. Anyway. It's now on the principal's desk, so they're his problem now and not mine. I must say I like it much better that way.

Sadly the heat also blessed me with the mother of all migraines. It started at recess time while I was eating my two gigantic watermelon slices from the canteen and was having fun flicking the seeds across my table (Yes. I'm weird.) and got bigger and bigger all day. Of course, today was deemed "Let's all practice for next week's musical as loud as we can!" day, with my class included.

Did I mention my class are dancing for the performance night?
We're line dancing.
To country music.
To LOUD, hyper country music.
To LOUD, hyper country music with neighing and YEE-HAWS involved.
My head.
It hurts.

Kari posted the other day about missing the SHOE Blogging month, and I was the same - too busy with NaBloPoMo to worry about shoes. Well, I'm not in the mood for the Holidailies posting right now, so I'm going to dedicate December to shoes. Lots of shoes. Shoes of young and old. Shoes of brown and black. Shoes of all shapes, sizes and smells.

It's going to be great fun.

Let's start with some stilettos. Stilettos that absolutely make your ankles look like fat lumps of crap when you're taking a picture of your own foot while sitting down, bending over and randomly aiming the camera towards the floor. Say it with me now - CANKLES.

(Seriously though, these  shoes I eyed for months in Payless. I would walk past them in the window on the way to work and dream of where I would wear them too. The top is beautiful flowers and they are just simply, PRETTY. I finally caved and bought them, and have worn them a grand total of two times. But aren't they PRETTY?)

See? Observe the prettiness up close and on a pillow. I swear, they look much better when I actually stand up straight.

So. Rate the shoe. And be kind to the cankles.

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kari said...

yes, definitely pretty shoes. and yay for joining me in the belated shoe posting month, which, on my own blog, i have selfishly named KaBloShoeMo. ;) i feel like by month's end i will just want to buy that many more pairs of shoes... my first pair will be up in about 21 hours or so! :)

LaLa said...

Cankles my arse.

Crippled? Quite possibly.

The shoes are devine, and you know how much I love a good feets photo! (Though not in any weird way! I just like the fact that they take me so many places and when I have a pedicure and be nice to them for a couple of weeks they look so pretty!)

janet said...

cute shoes! They remind me of my fave pair of heels (okay ONE of my faves). I call the color "nude for pale people" because real "nude" looks more like brown against my skin.

Desiree said...

Feh. You want my cold? You can take my cold. It is, um negative degrees Celsius up here in my part of the northern hemisphere. I have not the power to figure F to C so imagine cold. Imagine very cold.

I quite like the shoes. What size do you wear? I'm a 6. But then, maybe sizes are different in our respective hemispheres too. I ask because it looks like you have small feet like me.

Aloe and a fan. That is what you need right now.

Allison said...

I must repeat LaLa by saying..."cankles my arse". And the shoes are adorable, so good for you for giving in and buying them!
And you get NONE of my cold weather, thank you very much. I had to wait a long time for it!!

Kellie said...

Shoes are fab... canckles those are NOT!! If you want canckles... you should have seen mine when I was 9 months pregnant with Collin. So please. No griping about your ankles! =)

Oh and... *pokes name*

30andflirty said...

Pretty Pretty! I love "nude"/"tan" shoes. they go with EVERYTHING.

I think the "cankle" look REALLY IS the angle and taking your own picture. My ankles are the only skinny part of my body, yet, somehow they ALWAYS look like cankles when I take the picture myself. :)

Viviane said...

Those are really pretty shoes, but I imagine they must be quite uncomfy... for me they would be, anyway.

Darin said...

You have cute feet. I don't understand shoe obsessions, but I did enjoy viewing your shoe modeling.

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