Idiot Drivers (Part 2)

This weather is messing with my head. And sinus. First it is over fourty degrees and humid, and the very next day it is under twenty. Completely insane. But the weather is also irritating me because it brings with it a plague. A plague of complete morons who should not be behind the wheel of an automobile because they simply. cannot. drive.

I'll try not to go too far with this, as most of you already know how I stand with idiot drivers.

It just always amazes me how people forget how to drive their car when it's raining, especially when it hasn't rained in a while. Isn't it logical to slow the heck down? Isn't it logical to turn your headlights on so other drivers can actually see you? Isn't it logical to follow the freaking road rules?

I find it terrifying when people can't drive safely .. on freeways. It's not dangerous enough that we're already doing pretty high speeds; Would it hurt the driver of the ginormous truck to slow down to less than 120km/h when the roads are slick and oily? And for the P-Plate driver who likes to tailgate other cars when there are two completely empty overtaking lanes at his disposal? I flip fingers in your general direction.

Is it really that hard to put your indicator on when you're changing lanes AND IT'S RAINING? Or are we all supposed to be mind readers and predict where you will veer your pretty little car to next?

Sadly, it's no wonder road fatalities are so high. People just have absolutely no idea.

If you're not thinking about saving your own pathetic arse, think about all the innocent people you are endangering just by being behind a wheel. Bah humbug.

Even though it's raining, I think it's still time for summer shoes. Just imagine throwing these at the heads of idiot drivers everywhere. It made me feel better.

These are $10 cork scuffs that I bought from K-Mart about a thousand years ago. I think I lived in these going to uni, as you'll be able to tell by the wear marks on the inside. Not so pretty, but damn comfy.

They may just be made from cork, but those buckles are killer if you aim for the eyeballs. Trust me on that one.

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