For lack of a better post.

Sometimes I take myself WAY too literally.

I have nothing to write about today besides the fact that I love watching Home Alone now as I did when I was a ten year old. Classic cheesy Christmas cheer. Could I have any more "c" words in that sentence? I thinketh noteth.

Anyway, I ventured downstairs to take a peek inside the afore mentioned fridge, because I absolutely have NOT run out of things to talk about. Mmhmm. Besides, I figure most people are busy enjoying their vacations and aren't really reading their usual blogs; so perhaps this one can sneak under the crap posts radar just this once.

Let's do a general walk-through of this picture, since my brain is too far gone into "holiday mode" to try and paint in some text numbers into the image. Hee.

This is the shelf which is good for kind of .. shoving .. things. Here you'll find an assortment of goodies and Christmas leftovers. The dips are a must, as are the salad dressings and Philly cheese. Here there is also some packaged ham and chicken, left over bbq chicken and prawns (bleh), corn, pineapple, custard, sour cream and a biscuit tin with something other than biscuits in it. (Seriously, I have no idea what's in that tin and I'm a trifle scared to look.) Also, please don't forget to observe the spray chocolate mousse (you can see the lid at the back/middle of the picture. Apparently this is very, very yummy, but I've been good and haven't touched it yet.

The door of the fridge; a ridiculous invention since it never EVER fits in the amount of beverages that we go through. Thank goodness for dad's mini fridges.

This door changes every couple of days. Milk is ALWAYS there, light for mum and me, whole for dad and Ajay. Those two 80's looking drink containers down the bottom are holding a punch we made over Christmas that was bloody yum. I think that's more custard down the bottom there. Apparently, you can never have enough custard. Some left-over lemonade in the Lido bottle; nearly finished due to the punch and also me mixing it with Midori. Where is the Midori now? Who drank all the Midori? I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of it (or perhaps I already did, hee) one day. And lastly, my favourite drink - Any plain ol' juice. I'm actually surprised there is no Diet Coke in here; mum drinks that like crazy.

We have so much crap on that middle shelf that is is actually bending. BENDING! Scary stuff.

Aha! Now I see the Diet Coke. As well as more Lemonde, some Cola and some water bottles. Unlike my Gilmore Girl friends, we actually keep vegetables in our fridge - usually stashed on these shelves, but squished wherever we could find room over Christmas. There are heaps of cheese varieties left over as well, and I'm sorry to say that I have renewed my love affair with one Mr Cam Embere over the holiday season. Whatever will Jason say? Leftovers on that shelf include turkey, pork, chicken, pineapple, grapes and cherries, and salads. I have absolutely no idea right now what is in the bottom container to the left - something kind of red and orange to the naked eye. Perhaps that will require an extra trip downstairs. Hrm. Let's see.


Okay, on further inspection I have uncovered that it is actually something not meant for human consumption - it's the dog food, pre cut up into bite sized pieces for my fussy chihuahuas. I hope no-one mistakes that for real food, although in the same breath, that'd be kind of funny.

So there you have it. And you haven't even SEEN the pictures of the shed fridge and two Waeco portable fridges that we have chock full of other bits that don't fit into the main fridge. I'm surviving on a diet of ham, salad, cheese and crackers until New Years. Or maybe even until January 7th, when I leave for New Zealand. A post to come about that tomorrow, methinks.
These are yet another pair of Colorados. I've had about three pairs of these over the years - they are my "school shoes". They look best with a tartan print skirt (aka my high school days) but also look nice under jeans and pants now. These babies came with me to Europe and trekked up a mountain in Scotland (no-one told me it was going to be a three hour hike in the snow!) and I don't think I'll ever get rid of them.

Kind of daggy? Yes. Kind of comfy? Oh heck yes.

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