On the Subject of Me

Have you ever wondered some days what sort of impression you're giving about yourself to other people? Not just the average "Oh, her ass looks huge in those jeans today" or "Hmm, didn't she wear that skirt yesterday?" but real, deep thoughts.

Several times today, people offered me some positive things they noticed about me. They were very different; someone commented on my smiling face in the classroom, someone commented about how I've opened up a bit more at school across the year, someone commented that I was the kind of person that they would like to be friends with if they had a choice. Some nice, high on the smush-factor comments that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also had a parent tell me this afternoon, that I was the kind of teacher she wanted her son to have again. I asked why and what she meant; she told me that he always came home with kind things to say and that even when the days hadn't been smooth at all, he was always ready to begin the next day with a clean slate. Plus, she said, I'm the first teacher he's ever wanted to buy a Christmas gift for, so could I PLEASE come to school on Thursday so he could give it to me? (Cough - heck yes, I'll be there!) It's one of those moments that make teaching pretty amazing.

I know I'm not sunshine and roses all of the time. In fact, I tend to be more the opposite; I wouldn't say negative all the time, but I can be one giant cynic when I want to be. But hearing some of these random snippets of honesty all about ME? Have really made me think this evening. And I think it's time for me to stop letting stupid things get me down. I like people thinking nice things about me. I like not being known as that scowling girl.

Damnit. I just want to be everybody's friend. So sue me.

(And in case you were wondering, my ass looks huge in any outfit. That's all you need to know.)

And now the shoes, of course.

El Casual's today just because I can. Guess what brand they are?

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