First year? I think not.

I did it!

I am officially NOT a first year teacher anymore. Starting at the end of January 2007, I will be a second year teacher. Small fry, no sir. I signed my yearly contract today, so it's done! I made it! I'm alive! Apart from a mammoth headache, that is. But alive! And still whinging!

The morning started by cleaning out the classroom. Sounds pretty simple, yes? But by cleaning out, I mean dragging every single piece of furniture out of the room and stored into a tiny little painting area outside - shared between two classrooms. Gah! Heavy lifting at 9am is not the correct way to start the day, with or without coffee.

I was rewarded for my efforts by being knocked out with a shocking headache, so I popped on "Finding Nemo" for the kidlets and tried to sink into the chair and not move much for an hour or so. Of course, that was the time the Year 6 kidlets decided to come around wanting autographs and what-not for their yearbooks! I have to say, even though I don't teach the older classes, I take most of them for sport and it's sad to see a lot of really gorgeous kids moving on to high school.

(Randomness here, but I swear if I hear one more song from High School Musical, I'm going to gouge my eyeballs out with a coat hanger. Jeepers.)

I was spoiled again with more pressies. Observe and discuss.

That is a big giant box of Lindt chocolates on the bottom, if you can't see. Hmm. I wonder if I gave that kid an A?

I also got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday from my Julie-kins! Thankyou chook, you made my day!

As for dedicating who is who in the picture? I am the big fluffy rabbit who is on the outside and kind of towering over everybody, Julie is the teeny little cute squirrely thing (it's the shortness, dear!), Jen is the squishy kitty (duh - kittens, nuff said) and Kirby is the puppy (duh - puppies, nuff said).

(Cough.) I was totally not checking out Neopets in the background there. No way. I think you're seeing things.

I'm dedicating today's shoes to Imelda. "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." Hey - at least she's honest. And as for me being honest? I'm getting to the dregs of my shoes here, folks. That would place me lower than Imelda's housekeepers, or something.

I wore very workplace safe shoes for moving furniture. I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T!

You will not see a picture of me from the head-up (unless there is a paper bag involved, that is) for the next couple of months because that ponytail picture? Is the best one I got. You do NOT want to see the front right now. Gag.

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