Yes, I know I am a grouchy bitch who takes things way too seriously, but stupidity really does irritate me. From companies, and from.. well.. mothers.

Mum orders furniture for my brother. She and I happen to be the only ones home. Cheap store sends one courier to lift said furniture out of delivery truck. That person requires help to get the furniture inside the house. As in, lifting help. I get nominated to help. I'm not a delicate flower, no. But I'm also not a guy who lifts furniture over his head for exercise every morning, am I?

Is it MY problem that your cheap little furniture delivery company can't afford to send two couriers out to help lift furniture?

Is it MY problem that you can't lift the furniture by yourself?

Do I LOOK like I'm getting paid to lift heavy furniture?

So yes, I get pissed off when I am offered to help lift the damn furniture. And yes, I get pissed off when I cut my hand lifting the damn furniture. And yes, I get pissed off when a certain ungrateful woman acts like an idiot about it, simply because I ask for the company details to email them and tell them I am not impressed with the whole scenario.

In summary? Keep stupid people away from me today please.

Or they may find themselves being stomped on RATHER HEAVILY by me and my boots. Whores.

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