How Odd

You can tell I don't get out much; Jason and I were both wilting at the party by about 10pm. I took along some Midori girly-drinks (read: lolly water) instead of wine, because I had a feeling I'd be snoring in my chair if I drank that.

Suffice it to say, we left the party, got home, and went to bed. The end. We're very boring.

I have seen some really bizarre things in the last 24 hours, though.

There was the group of 7 year old boys singing the words to "Smack That" by Eminem on my floor, complete with heads bobbing and fingers clicking.

Then there was the kindergarten kid in the playground who had turned his cap sideways and was doing fabulous rapping moves with his hands.

Not to mention the staff member last night who was walking around the restaurant with whipped cream spray-cans pushed up against her boobs. I love her!

Oh, and the three teenagers in the car stopped in front of me at traffic lights on my way home this morning, who were either having an arm wrestling match, a nice group hug OR a mock punch-up. It was pretty heated actually, the whole car was shaking. Intrigued, I was.

Lucky me now gets to spend the rest of the weekend doing my Teacher's Accreditation analysis, so I'll leave you with the shoes I wore last night. Pretty shoes.

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