New Zealand: The Adventure (Part 2)

Alrighty, onwards I go in my quest to enlighten you about the wonders of my forthcoming New Zealand trip. Of course, if you are too lazy to scroll down to read Part 1, here's a handy dandy link. Sometimes I'm so thoughtful.

I left off at Day 8 - where we were just arriving at Wellington.

Day 9: Wellington
Highlights include getting a whole day to do whatever we please. There is apparently a huge amount of cultural stuff here, with even more Lord of the Rings film locations. We might do a Hop on, Hop off bus tour, like the one we did in London. Ahh. Brings back memories.

Day 10: Wellington to Taupo
Highlights are a a visit to volcanoes, which I have always been a science nerd about. We get to go through beautiful scenery and national parks, and our resort that night is next to New Zealand's largest lake. Beautiful! Optionals include a cool adventure "ropes" confidence course, or a fishing cruise.

Day 11: Taupo to Rotorua
Highlights include learning about Maori history and culture, swimming in the naturally heated hot springs and having a Maori Hangi and cultural concert! We're also going to do the Zorb (ever see that huge plastic ball that you get inside and then get rolled down a hill? Oh yeah!) and possibly a rainforest walk, so I can snap me a picture of a kiwi!

Day 12: Rotorua to Waitomo
Highlights include some more cultural tours and going black water rafting! This is the one with the glow worms, you're underground in the caves system, rafting, hiking and being amazed. I can't wait for this one, it's one of my favourite optionals.

Day 13: Waitomo to Bay of Islands
Highlights include.. Hello? Bay of Islands? Tropical beautiful beaches! Woo! We drive through Auckland and head further north to get to the bay, lots of scenery and national parks to visit.

Day 14: Bay of Islands
Another day all to ourselves, with plenty of optional extras to keep us busy. If I remember correctly, Jason and I spend a whole day on a Catamaran, sailing. It goes island hopping, there are opportunities to snorkel and swim (never snorkelled before, yikes!) and is a barbeque lunch on board. I think this sounds like a nice way to relax and spend our last day.

Day 15: Bay of Islands to Auckland
Basically, this tour doesn't cover Auckland - it just drops us off there and says "See ya later, now about our tip.." That's on the 22nd. Jason and I booked that night and the next as well, to stay in Auckland and potter around doing our own thing. Probably some more tours, but I'm not sure. Apparently Auckland is very much like Sydney anyway, so should find out. We leave Auckland in the early evening of the 24th, and get back to Australia on the same day.

Just to brag to Desiree (you know I love you!) the plane tickets I hold in my hot little hand tells me this:

Sydney to Christchurch = 2 hours, 55 minute flight.
Auckland to Sydney = 3 hours, 25 minute flight.

Not too shabby! This will be the shortest plane flight I've ever been on; all of my trips have been gigantic, to Los Angeles or to London (oh, that one was a killer.)

So there we have it. Le Contiki is coming up. It's strange, since I've been the excited one about going on this tour since Day 1, Jason hasn't really been all that hyped about it. I thought he was, basically, an idiot, because HOLIDAY! Woo! But yeah, he still isn't excited. And I think his lack of hyperness is starting to effect me, because I don't feel quite as excited as I was at the beginning. Bah humbug.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to be bouncing off the walls when the trip is under a week away. But for now? I don't know what got into me. Hrm. It might have been seeing that butt-ugly police mug shot of me staring out from my new passport. Yep. That could've done it.

Did you know that Colorado made thongs? I know! Thongs! And I'm completely refusing to call them flip flops because it sounds way too American. Take a look at the picture. Does it LOOK like I'm wearing your kind of thongs on my feet? No? Alrighty then. Just another pair of the world's most cushy thongs.

Dudes. Colorado should totally be paying me (in shoes, of course) for all the endorsements I'm giving their company. Cough. Just sayin'.

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