Christmas Traditions

Since I'm in a bit of denial that it is Christmas Eve tomorrow (!), it seemed appropriate that I talked about something Christmassy in today's blog. Most of our traditions stay the same here; even the little things. And I must say, I kind of like it that way.

Christmas Eve is spent here. Jason joins us after he is back from church, and my nanna is always here too. It's the best night, not only because mum cooks (hee) but because she cooks YUMMY Christmas stuff. We always have a hot dinner (despite the temperatures outside being super hot - we're not big ham people on Christmas night) and my favourite part of it is this yummy roast pork with peach stuffing, it's just killer!

We even use the same place cards - they're ones made on cardboard that me and my brother made when we were kids. When Jase came into the picture, I even made him his own special one, so he'd match us, hee. Sadly though, this tradition is stopping this year, since mum bought some new place card holders. Le Sigh. The 7 year old in me is crying right now.

After dinner, we have dessert and the bon-bon pulling stuff as per usual. Then my brother and I get to open our joint present. Usually it's a game of some sort, which we then all play together. The best game prize I remember is Cranium. I really, really kick arse in that game. If we get that new spiffy helmet version of Cranium (aka Sarah's game!) I'll be super excited.

Jason heads off home, we sleep, Santa comes. Hee. Christmas morning we all head off downstairs, pass the presents around so we've all got our little bundles in front of us - then we take turns opening one at a time around the circle. Good times!

Soon enough, I head off to Jason's place to have Christmas lunch with his family. After much more yummy food, we hang around and play pool and chat for the afternoon.

Christmas dinner is always spent with two of my aunties and uncles and their families. It swaps houses each year; we either stay here and have visitors, or travel to the city or up the north coast to their places. This year is our turn to host, meaning that after lunch, Jase and I are popping back here to spend some MORE time eating and hanging out with my relatives. Good times. Good times. I love Christmas.

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that were too big for you, but you just couldn't resist? Um. I have. These babies are the next size up and I kind of slide down in them when I walk, but I love how simple they are. Pretty shoes. Good for Christmas, perhaps?

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