You've Got Mail

I think I really need to join some kind of swap group or something.

Because I've been working this year, I started doing my Christmas shopping early, and ordering a fair bit online. Noone is ususally at home here during the day, so I use mum's PO Box so that the parcels don't end up sitting outside or taken back to the Post Office - and plus, she checks it nearly every day for work, so that's a bonus!

Since I've had these Christmas presents arriving (not gifts for me, just gifts ready for people that I'm sending them too!), as well as random presents (LIKE SHOES, OMG, THANKYOU LALA!) I have realised just how much I adore getting mail. Fwee!

Want to make me excited? Send me a parcel with fluff in it. I guarantee it will amuse me for a few hours.

Speaking of mail, I need to get my ass into gear and get these Christmas cards finished, because it's the 13th of December. Man, where did that time go? So, consider this my first and only offer for Christmas cards:

Email me your address (including your full name, unless you'd like me to address it to your blog name, and that's just weird) - and I'll add you to the never-ending list of cards to send!

(Oh yes. If you're not in Australia, I have no guarantees about when you'll recieve your card, but as long as it's before NEXT Christmas? Then we're good.)

So these are the shoes that I recieved in the posty post from the gorgeous JulaBerry, which I have now been wearing around the house like a loon because SHOES! I love shoes! Especially shoes that come in the mail! SHOES! Yes, I will take your lonely size 9 shoes from you and give them a very special home. Trust me on that one.

I think I'm going to ask Santa for some Dove "Summer Glow" for Christmas this year. See Jen? I like to call my shade of pale "Blindingly White".

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