Living in the Sticks

I'm absolutely over the city now, thanks so much.

Having visited there several times in the last few times by car AND by train, I've decided how much I actually like living away from it. It's too busy, the public transport sucks, people can't drive, trains suck, the people are generally weirder (hee, Lala) and yeah. I am a big paranoid freak who enjoys being out of crowds.

And since when does a train ticket cost $10.40 for one day?!?

I had to travel to North Sydney for a school professional development day conference about classroom management. It was very useful, I found out I'm doing a lot of "right" things with my classroom kidlets which is always nice to hear. I also managed to doodle over about fifteen notebook pages, consume way too much orange juice and giggle like a schoolgirl because there was a chapter in the manual about teaching kids to sharpen pencils.

End of story? I left home at 6.20am, and got home at 5.30pm. And am officially buggered, smell like weird trains and have stomach cramps. But on the plus side, I did get a day off school, and had fun chatting to one of my supervisors at school for the most part of the day. We also survived a harrowing experience at a petrol station/taxi cab breeding ground where there were lots of close calls and beeping horns - another reminder why I'll probably never live in the city.

So let's all just pretend that it's actually Winter here right now, because there are some of the boots I would be wearing if it were. Sadly, it's hot, humid and SUMMER. Groan. But back to the boots; they're calf boots! And they do up! Around my calves! Hoorah!

I bet these would be TOTALLY out of fashion if I lived in the city. But you know what? They're great, out here.

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