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New car. Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Picking up. New car. Omg!

Well, I am rather peeved that *I* don't actually get to pick up the car and drive it home for the first time however at 12pm I shall be doing maths with my kidlets so therefore, by default, my dad gets to pick it up for me. Omg. I signed all my loan paperwork tonight (yay!! debt!!) and I am now paying about $350 a month back. I also got my free insurance which starts as of tomorrow. So hoorah! I just need to sell my car so I can get $2000 for it, and also cancel my current insurance saving me $600 for this year. Yay!

Have I mentioned I'm excited!?!

And since nobody comments here anyway I shall not update you with my school stories today and will wait until tomorrow to do that. Blech. -prances around-

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