Debt, Here I Come

So my loan got approved. Go me!

I now am awaiting loan paperwork for $15000 and for my $6000 to get transferred into my bank so I can go and organise a bank cheque. -yawn- This is the boring part. I just want the car done already damnit. I had to fill up my itty bitty petrolchugger this afternoon and fuel was so expensive that it cost me near on $50 for my tank. I have never, NEVER payed that amount for petrol in one week. Disgusting. Someone needs to just fix the fucking prices already.

I'm officially going to be poor from now on. So definitely no more thinking about getting a life, since you know - I won't have one. Not that I did already but now, especially not! Crazy!

I'm hoping to organise the new computer tomorrow too. If all goes well, I might be able to pick it up this weekend. But knowing my luck it won't be ready meaning I won't be able to get it until NEXT weekend. Gah. I really want it now. This one stinks. It's cut out from the internet right now as I type and it better fucking well load again by the time I finish typing this. It's so dumb.

I was off class all day today and got to spend most of my time sitting on my butt in front of a computer doing some images for the two special needs kids in my class. My kids got a casual teacher and oh dear, he was very very hopeless. He bought a guitar in with him and that was lovely - and then I found my room in a MESS this afternoon after school and all these colouring in worksheets that had just been done all day. A few worksheets are fine but seriously, he didn't do any of the work that I left for him, he just had them colouring. All. Day. And they were seriously feral too. I walked past a few times and the noise that came out of that room. Geez. They're loud for me, but I certainly hope not that loud!

I thought I had something to say but I can't remember it so I shall stop now.

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