Reports Shmapports

So this post will probably come back to bite me on the ass one day.

I had my first day back in at school after the flu from hell, and thankfully, we ended up having the whole day off class so that we would have planning time. The last few planning days we had, ended up being stacks of meetings that took forever and very little planning so I was very wary. Anywwwwwhoooo.

((Oh, and I was also not amused to come in this morning and see a message on the noticeboard saying "Reports due to Marg by today". In fact, realistically, my heart actually stopped beating in my chest, because OH MY GOD I HAVE BEEN OFF ALL WEEK AND I HAVE DONE DIDLY-SQUAT OF MY REPORTS. Shit! I went down to my room, switched the computer on and was going to frantically conjure up some report comments, until someone walked in, asked what I was doing with all the lights off in my room, and then proceeded to inform me that the message was a joke. Haha! HA! Yes. HA! Funny!))

So, after a super short meeting (the best kind) we got told we had the day to do reporting and assessing. So I spent a good few hours sitting in front of a computer typing up comments about the first half of the year for my 25 munchkins. It was sort of fun for the few five kids or so. Hey, my first report writing experience, it was cool, alright? Suddenly writing the things I've always wanted to say but never could before, power. Lots of power. Until I got bored and then, dear me, it took forever. Seriously, about 2.5-3 hours later, I had finished them and my back was buggered.

Then I had to go learn how to use the reporting database, so that was quite fun too. Not too hard, just fussy and fiddly and my back still hurt. Oh, so did my arm, in case you wanted to know. The phantom gland pain in my right underarm/pit is still there. And my wonderful doctor (HA) said that Panadol will fix it. Right. If I came in with my arm torn off from a rabid dog attack, she'd probably still prescribe me with Panadol. HAAAAAAAAA. But. I finished it! All my little ticked boxes and comments are done, with the exception of one little boy whose name somehow managed to be wiped off my class list. Poor dear. I never knew how hard it was to actually write personalised comments for everyone, the hardest ones to write for are the dears who are a) naughty little turds, b) behaviourally challenged or c) have learning difficulties. But I think I survived. Phew!

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