Birthday Love

Today is May the 26th, 2006.

And it's my gorgeous boy's 24th birthday. Hoorah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY J.!!!

Since I'm 95% positive he has no idea that this blog even exists, I suppose I am safe to say what I planned for tonight. He yelled at me when I asked what he wanted for his birthday because I have my car loan. And since he's really quite hard to buy for - I told him I'd shout him to dinner instead, somewhere fancy shmancy that neither of us has been before. And hey, in almost 4 years, we've been to a fair few of our local restaurants. It was rather a challenge. So I scrapbooked him a car with all these cute random facts in it about the day he was born (Thanks to Wikipedia) and then booked this snazzy restaurant. This is where we are going! I haven't dressed up in a long time. Oh dear. But I hope he enjoys it, it's got some amazing ratings in the food books we have.

And yes. I am still coughing like a mad-woman, although this mother of all flus has now decided to reside in my SINUS instead of in my CHEST. How thoughtful of it.

Anyway. J. is the most important person in my life, and how he puts up with all of my crap is a miracle - so happy birthday babe. I love you, and you're fabulous. And here is one of my favourite photos of all time. It's us in Scotland in 2004, after just hiking up that big-ass mountain! Love!

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