I dislike Vomit

It is one of the most disgusting bits about being a teacher.

Aside from the peeing on the floor and stuff. But I'll never, NEVER get used to dealing with kids vomiting. Although today was rather funny. Fwee. Yes, I said funny! Let me explain.

Monday afternoon is assembly time at school, so we all troup into the hall at around 2.30pm or so. Kindergarten sit in front, we sit behind Kindy, then the 3/4 classes and then the 5/6 classes. Anyway. We got through the whole assembly and it's about five minutes to three and everyone starts singing the National Anthem. All is going well until all of a sudden this Kindy kid who was singing beautifully opens his mouth to do the chorus and just pukes across the floor.

I know that's totally gross but it was the funniest thing. Anyone seen Monty Python's Meaning of Life? Imagine projective puke. The poor little guy just looked stunned - one second he was singing, and now where on earth did this puddle on the floor come from?

Vomit is gross. But sometimes, you can't help but laugh. And now I have the strangest urge to go and watch the Monty Python videos again because I'm a mean, mean teacher.

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Jen said...

Vomit.. eww. The part of teaching I am NOT looking forward to.

Well there are lots of parts Im not looking forward to, but vomiting is a major one.

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