Did I say Genius?

I meant completely idiotic imbecile. Just was a wee typo before.

So the new computer is all set up thanks to a very sick J who still came over and spent hours fixing it up for me. I love that boy. He is so clever and smart. Unlike me.

Who just managed to completely erase almost 4gb of data from her Ipod? That's right! I did! I am such a clever little chicken. I was cranky because my Itunes library had disappeared (seeing as this was a new computer and all) so stupid me went into all the options sections looking quite frankly, for the button that said "Click here to magically make all of your songs reappear from your Ipod into your new library! Yippee!" And um, didn't quite find that but DID find a button that said something about a library, so clicked it and.. managed to erase my Ipod completely. 4gb just GONE. Poof!

Thank god I had transferred all of my music files over from this computer. But I'm mighty peeved at myself for being such a dumbass. And I also didn't think to save all the songs I transferred from audio CDs onto the Ipod. So now I must waste my Sunday doing that because omg, I will not sleep at night if I know I've missed out on songs.

OH and I've also had to go and download all the programmes and shit that I had on my old computer. I have this OpenOffice programme which apparently replaces Office because I seem to have lost that disk too. And I've got most other things I need. Except for some stupid fucking reason, I have some song downloads that I've had for-fucking-ever that are suddenly refusing to load into Itunes. So I went out and downloaded Media Player and wouldn't you know - they load in there and they STILL refuse to load in Itunes. Grr. They happen to be my Sarah Mac and Dishwalla songs that I would actually really like to hear, thankyouverymuch. If you're a computer genius, or hell, just better at this common sense stuff than me, your help would be appreciated.

Ok I think I have rambled enough. Computers will be the death of me.

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