New Car Smell

Oh how I love that smell! It gives me headaches but it is so.. new!

THE CAR WILL BE MINE! When I say the car.. I mean.. the Ford Fiesta I linked to a few posts ago. I would go and get it for you but I am too lazy to go look yourself. Pretty! Wheee! Miiiine! I have a contact sealed in blood (ok, not quite, but omg, contract, signed, I feel so OLD!) I am getting a lovely silver colour and it has air conditioning and it has power sterring and.. and.. um, it drives fun! I took it for a test drive and nearly gave dad whiplash since the brakes are a wee bit touchier than my old shitbox. I mean, lovely car. It's rather hard to say nice things about a car that has cost you more than it's value is over the last few months. -heaves sigh-

Anybody interested in buying a 1991 Toyota Corolla model in good condition (minus one slight.. or slighly large dent in the rear bumper bar) and with low kms? I want to sell it for around $2000. That'll get my loan down faster, that's for sure.

So. I have saved up $6000 on my own. I am calling Ford Credit tomorrow to arrange for a $15000 dollar loan. I am so scared! Big loan! Big money! Big debt! New car! All totally worthwhile. I'm also splurging this week though and buying a new computer. Must organise with Jason to get that ready to pick up. It's just a basic new PC but it comes with a 17inch flat screen. I'm desperately needing it because this computer keeps warning me that it's going to blow up any day now. Besides, I can claim a new computer for tax purposes this year, since teachers use them. Alot.

Who the hell is responsible for turning on the coldness all of a sudden anyway? There was FROST on my windows this morning which I had to hose off. Insane! Speaking of car windows.. did I mention I'm getting a new car? -goes into bouncing fits- A NEW CAR. OMG! I am so fucking excited! Oh dear, I just swore. Drat. I was getting so good at being better.

I'm going to eat dinner now and go to bed. And dream of MY NEW CAR!

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