Hugs and Tantrums

What a day! What a weird, weird day.

So. Today was my first day back at school after taking Monday and Tuesday off to recover my terrible flu and lost voice. I felt a bit better this morning, and just had a croaky voice so all was well. The kids were really sweet, they had written me get well cards and stuff. Very aww-worthy. I also heard that my little tantrum-thrower (behaviourally challenged) darling was also asking for me and wanting to know why I wasn't there. I am loved, hoorah!

We had school photos today. In the freezing cold wind, and the kidlets were all told they had to take off their jumpers and just be wearing their short sleeved t-shirts. Poor buggers. That resulted in a few tears from a couple of the girls, whose goosebumps would have been visible from several streets away. Anyway. The kids had their individual shots, and were all angelic. Even tantrum-thrower D. was well behaved and did a big cheesy smile. It was great!

Then came the group photo. And all hell broke loose. D. decided he didn't WANT to sit down to have his photo taken. He then also decided he didn't want to stand to have his photo taken. Then he decided he'd sit back down again, thankyouverymuch. But he would not face the right way, or put his knees and feet together. In fact, he didn't really want a part of ANY of this photo, alright? If the death stares this kid creates could kill.. haha. In a weird way, it was sort of funny watching him be so stubborn. But then not. Because twentytwo other munchkins were all freezing their asses off and getting rather narky towards D.

And then came the tantrums.

They were so bad, and involved screaming. Lots of screaming. He has never lashed out at me since I've had him, he's always just been emotional rather than violent. But he did lash out at my supervisor who came to talk him into getting off the chair and out of the photo. The tantrum continued. The other kids got pissed. I was trying to settle them down and hey! That's when my voice decided to go on me. So I'm there rasping at the kids to try and just stay focused, everything will be okay, and practice your big smiles! There we go!

It was so bad that the school principal got called and had to physically remove D. from the photo. And that was the end of my first photo shoot as a teacher. In completely random news though, my hair DID decide to behave today, although I believe as I was gritting my teeth and saying something like Twisties! Or Holidays! Or Smarties! (Ah hell, I don't remember which one I said) - I managed to get a mouthful of hair in my mouth. Just another lovely photographic memory.

I assumed the rest of the day was going to be awful. We had maths to do and lots of writing work, AND we needed to do singing practice for our Education Week item. D. hates singing at the best of times, he has issues with his ears. Anyone seen There's Something about Mary ?? He's going to grow up to be a Warren. Anywho. He was an angel ALL DAY. He even came up and gave me this biggest hut at the end of the day because he said he would miss me if I was away tomorrow. It was a rather odd day.

Oh, and in other news. I was told to take tomorrow off and rest my voice, because it's obviously not well enough to talk properly. Day off. Another one! Slack I tell you. I am slack!

Teaching quote of the day:

"You're not the boss of me! Only Miss S. is the boss of me!"
Dear T, you are so right, mwahahaha!

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Hana said...

OMG Alynda... how do you do it? That is why primary school teaching was never forecast for me, i get scared taking care of one kid let alone 30! eek.

On a lighter note, how funny is "only Miss S. is the boss of me" ... at least the kids got spunk! ;)

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