I wanna hold your trunky-trunky

I have way too much of a dirty mind to be a teacher some days.

Let me share you with some lyrics I found on our assembly song from this week. We all learn a song once a week which everyone from Kindy to Year 6 sings together on Mondays. Well. Next week the song was called "Louise". Sounds harmless enough. Right!?! Well. Let's see. - clears throat-

Louise, Louise, Come out from under 'dem trees.
Don't give me none of that bunky-bunky,
I wanna hold your trunky-trunky!
I love you so much, I wanna hold you so much,
My Lou-Lou-Louise!

-ends snickering- Yes. I do realise that the song "Louise" is about an elephant. But hearing about her bunky-bunky and wanting to hold her trunky-trunky sounds way too pervy for my liking. Please let me keep a straight face when 250 kids sing it all together on Monday.

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Jen said...

My dirty mind found it difficult not to giggle while reading that, then imagining a school full of kids singing it.

louise the elephant said...

do you know the whole song of louise the elephant my friend and i love singing it it's quite wronge but her little bro sang it at an assembly hahahaha

just the lyrics would be great thanx

mel said...

is there music that goes with this song? If so where can i access it?
a studenty wants to perform it at a family member's birthday.
PS- when she sang me the song i had to laugh about the words too!

Tim said...

Hiya Alyndabear who sings this louise song? Its brilliant! We sang it when i was in primary school, it was one of the most popular songs

Lys said...

CAn you please send the complete lyrics- i love this song!!

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