Deadly Australians

Jellyfish and Spiders and Snakes.. Oh My!

We had Deadly Australians - the show, at school today. The kids got to look at poisonous snakes and spiders and stuff, and pat a python and lizard and turtle. It was great fun. Sadly, it was also in the morning - meaning that my kids were completely and utterly off the walls for the rest of the day. Possibly the grossest thing was seeing this massive (thankfully dead and propped up in glass) Funnelweb Spider, and finding out it's Australia's deadliest spider, and oh yes, it's most commonly found in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney. Hoorah! I'm not paranoid or anything - it's perfectly natural to shake out your bed covers before sleeping. -shudder-

But on a lighter note - Thank God It's Friday!! Week 1 down, only 8 more weeks to go. And a long weekend of planning. Meaning I'll be glued in front of the computer no doubt, for hours. I thought Dad and I were going to go see the car dealership again today but he has his work mobile phone permanently attached to his face, so it doesn't look like it. Boo. =/ I want an Oompa Loompa NOW.

And now I must go and keep this entry short as I want to find out if I'm to see J. tonight. I misses him.

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Stefi x said...

Snakes, spiders, jellyfish, sharks, bugs, flies... Bloody Australia is like the most dangerous place in the world!!!

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