The weirdest dream (and some Nickelback to boot)

One I actually remember for once. That's impressive.

You know those weird dreams that you sometimes get when you don't sleep well? My last night's sleep was just like that, full of completely weird and random things. I thought they were real too, until I woke up.

Me teaching a Synchronised Swimming class.
The "Lockdown" evacuation system alarm going off.
All my kids being herded into our classroom and school wing, and me having to lock everything up.
The other three classes in our school wing deserting us and leaving my class alone.
Director Ron Howard coming in to rescue us at the end.

Lucky me also woke up with sinus, a cough that sounds a lot like a seal and has left my throat feeling scraped down with a spatula, as well as a voice that likes to fade in and out alot. So I rang my supervisor and had another day off school. I know it's a Monday and I do feel bad about it but I was just imagining my throat after a day of screaming. It really was the worst day to have off too - Mondays are so easy. I miss only 3 hours of class, 1 hour of RFF time and 1 hour of assembly. Damnit. But you can't pick and choose the days you actually get sick so.. Bleh.

I was watching Music Max on Foxtel yesterday and realised that I don't see that many video clips these days. Hear the music, sure, that's what radio is for. But actually sit down and watch the videos? I hardly ever do that! But I have made the decision that there is one band whose filmclips are just, well, fucking amazing. And that band is Nickelback.

First there was the older songs like How You Remind Me, Too Bad, etc. They weren't too fabulous. I mean, they were good at the time. And I still adore those songs, the angry ones used to freak me out a wee bit, but they got me addicted to Nickelback. And you know that clip I'm talking about right? The poor guy who kept seeing his girlfriend upset and couldn't figure out why she wasn't talking to him, and all the clues which ended up telling us that he was actually... Well. I won't spoil it JUST in case.

And then came the Someday lyrics and filmclip. I absolutely adore that song, to this day. To me it's one of those songs that you can never skip on an album (or an Ipod), you know? And that filmclip, omg. So clever. I cried like a baby the first time I saw it. And the second. Well. You know.

My next favourite filmclip? Only the most romantically beautifully tear-worthy song around lately. Far Away, yep. How can you resist the lyrics;
That I love you, I have loved you all along. And I miss you - been far away for far too long. I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go. Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore.. Sad sad fireman filmclip. Left me in tears too. I should probably not watch television anymore.

And my most favourite? The song I fell in love with since the first time I heard All The Right Reasons?  None other than Savin' Me. I don't even know why this song hits me so hard every time I hear it. I just can't stop myself from belting out the notes, no matter where I am.
Say it for me, say it to me - And I?ll leave this life behind me. Say it if it?s worth savin' me. -sniffles- AND THE FILMCLIP. Whoever is making these music videos is an absolute genius. I won't describe it, but hopefully the link I've just shoved underneath this text will talk about it more. Let's hope so, anyway.

Edit: I took it out because everytime I loaded my blog, I'd get blasted. Do a google for it yerself. Savin' Me is the best filmclip. Ever.

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