Oh for Gods sake

Hi there. This is your warning that I shall now be venting. Thankyou.

Okay. I am a beginning teacher. I do realise that this is my first year out working with 25 young children five days a week. I do realise that I am subjecting my body to one hell of a lot more germs than I have ever subjected it to in the past. On a daily basis. I realise that. I do. I even realise that I need to let my immune system build up some defenses to these forementioned germs because, you know, 25 kids equals one shitload of germs. That means, yes, I will get sick a lot this year. Fine.

But three fucking flu hits in 1.5 school terms? Bloody hell. This is ridiculous. I wonder if I can claim all this medication on my tax stuff this year. I feel like death. DEATH I TELL YOU. And it only started yesterday, suddenly it's a full blown flu. Gah.

(Yes. I realise how lame this is, me whining about having a cold when my poor momma is in hospital.) I'm a bad, bad daughter. Well, no, I'm not really. But I am awfully whiny when I'm sick.

Speaking of momma news. She is okay. She rang me and sounded great, and fingers crossed she'll be home sometime next week.

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Viviane said...

I am glad your mom's surgery went well and I hope you feel better soon!

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