Mmmm.. Bed!

I am completely and utterly knackered.

I did get a lot done today however, so that sort of makes feeling like a drained sack of potatoes okay. I managed to stay back and paint two lots of book covers that the kiddies had made, and they're now out to dry until tomorrow morning. I also covered one other set of books with standard school print cover, so they are done. Spelling books? Check! Workbooks? Check! Maths Books? Ready but not covered. C.O.G.S Books? Ready but not covered. All I can say, is thank heavens that the Handwriting books don't need covering. My back is killing me from all the bending.

I also stayed back after school and organised the kids trays. Because it's a nightmare trying to tell them too many things at once (their brains go into overload and they end up doing nothing!) I decided I'd clean out their trays myself. I found all sorts of lovely things in their trays. Basically, all that should be there are all of their workbooks, pencil cases and spare stencils. I found old food (not too gross, thankfully), bark, leaves, five billion of my missing pencils and even a few toys. Amazing! So, cleaned all those out, put their shiny new books into the trays and felt very proud of myself. I even managed to mark the kids work from yesterday and today, so I'm ahead, even if it is just for today.

My tantrum thrower D. has been rather angelic over the first two days. I'm not complaining, I just hope that doesn't mean he's stashing up all his days for one hell of a tantrum. When he goes off, he really goes off. I'm talking screaming, bawling, kicking, throwing himself on the floor. Two days of Term 2 without that is the most amazing feeling. I even stayed back yesterday after school and got an Individual Education Programme ready for D. He's special because of his behavioural problems and gets an Aide one hour a day. I wish it were longer. So he's now got a list of things to do this term.

I wish I were so organised about my programming. I'm going to have to spend this weekend putting everything together because I just feel too wiped out to do anything of a nighttime. I am sure I will get back into the routine soon, but it has hit me pretty hard already. Soon. Soon! But hey, as of next Monday, there are only 8 weeks to go until I get another 2 week holiday. How exciting is that! Not that I'm counting down or anything..

Did have some interesting news though. I had a little girl in my class last term who stole some of my things. A stamp, a bell, and a plush toy. She brought them all back, and my supervisor talked to her parents and stuff. Some of those things I knew were missing but I never would have suspected J. because she is a great student, very quiet, and I really couldn't believe it was her. The last thing to go missing was the plush toy. It was around Easter time, so I kept a stuffed rabbit on my desk. I am such a scatterbrain that I didn't even realise it was missing, until one morning J. gave me a note she had written, apologising and saying "I am so sorry, I borrowed your bunny". Borrowed! Ha! Anyway, I talked to her and she had it in her bag and gave it back and all, but we still had to talk to her parents. I found out yesterday that J. has now changed her story to her father, who thinks that I GAVE her the toy and decided to pick on her to get her into trouble. Lordy. Luckily, I told the other teachers (it's only a small school, gossip spreads) everything that had happened around the time, so there is no doubt J. is lying, but it's a bit sad. Her parents scare me.

I must now go and unpack groceries. I'll have to hobble up and down the stairs, I'm so tired.

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Lisa said...

Hey, remember me? ;) My weak attempt at humor, sorry.

I apologize that I haven't been around, however I'll try to leave lots of comments!

I have some theories pertaining to J's behavior.

A) You mentioned that she's quiet? This may be a for her to get attention.

B) She's a twit.

C) Her parent are twits and the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Okay, so A is probably my best theory, but whatever.

I hope the parents don't give you shit over this.

Lisa said...

Oh, I totally should have used the preview option because I made a booboo in my comment. xD

*A) You mentioned that she's quiet? This may be a method for her to get attention.

Alynda said...

Lisa dear. How glad I am for you to stalk me here. *hugs you*

She is crying for attention, absolutely crying for it. She's the oldest, the middle daughter is the favourite PLUS the family has a new six month old baby boy. And because of the family's cultural background.. boys are sort of preferred, as horrible as that sounds.

No word yet though. Bleh!

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