The Joys of Fitness

50 5, 6 and 7 year olds. Two teachers. One whistle. Chaos!!

1/2S and 1/2O started their Fitness programme this afternoon. We're going to have a full hour of fitness every Thursday now that the weather has cooled down, so we thought we would start today. We got them all ready, hats, suncream, the works, made the trek from the classrooms to the school oval and got them stretching. Then, we got them to run around the oval, fully around the goalposts. Well.. just imagine dozens of little children frolicing across the oval madly. There were hats flying everywhere, water bottles dropped, squeals and screams and the occasional collision. It was rather amusing to watch, seeing those little legs bolting across the field. We then had the "princesses" - a group of rather spoiled little cherubs who prefer playing with dolls than doing fitness - stage a mass headache epidemic, leaving us with six little darlings sitting in a row having a lovely chat while the rest of us kept on going. Then we did relays and skipping and it was all good fun. Madness, yes, but fun madness. I can't wait until next Thursday. And someone, please, PLEASE for the love of all things peaceful, remind me to bring my whistle!

I'm known around school for always tying my hair back. I get hot easy and it frustrates me having my hair hanging around my face. I actually wore it out today and the kids were like... Wow! It's long! (It's not really, not compared to what it was a while ago, but I guess past your shoulders is long to the kiddies?) But it didn't last long, since after the fitness and the lunchtime oval duty, it went back up in a bun. Tomorrow I'm determined to try and wear it out all day long!

It was dad's 40th yesterday. Can you believe my dad is only 40? That's what happens when you have your first baby at 18. He was only a baby himself. He was away in QLD for his birthday, so we're having a 40th birthday party for him on Saturday night. I haven't got him a present yet because I have no idea what to get him! If only I could afford to buy him another Mustang..

I watched Legend last night as mum borrowed that DVD from a friend. It's amazing because I remember that movie so well from my childhood, but it was made when I was only 1 year old. And that was before Tom Cruise got all possessed and psychotic too. Damn I love unicorns.

Once again it's nearly dinner time and I have yet to do anything since I've been home. Must go check mail box. No idea why, because I'm not expecting anything. But mum ordered a whole batch of ER boxsets (I think Seasons 1-5) so they should be coming soon. Hoorah! I'm still only at Season 2 of Dawsons Creek myself. I'm almost up to Season 3 though. -yawn- I always thought Jack was gay. Perhaps my memory is failing me. Don't anyone spoil my watching or I shall come after you with a very sharp spoon.

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Stefi said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad!!! Wow he's so young :)
And he drove me 'home' in Sydney, eheh ;)

Stefi x said...

Hey girl, I added you to my typepad journal! Though it's in Italian, so of no interest to you :P
But I'm still on lj!

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