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Ok, so ever since I started reading people's blogs a year or so ago, I've always been amused by some of the "searches" that link people to the sites.

Especially the sites that actually post what it was people were looking for. So far, since I've had this public blog open, I've only had a few search engine stat results, mainly song lyrics. Especially for Stabilo and for The Fray. Apparently, people really like Flawed Design. Poor dears, ending up at my old ranting and rambling blog.

Anywho. I am rather disturbed to check my stats for today, and this is how someone found me:

Vomit videos to watch online. -cough-

Okay. So I don't know what's more disturbing. The fact that there are "45,565 results containing vomit videos to watch online (0.17 seconds)" or the fact that someone went searching through all of those pages to somehow end up at this blog, because my bloglink? Is not on Page Number 1. DISTURBING.

In non-vomit news, my parents arrived back in Sydney yesterday after catching a 12 hour train ride. Mum wasn't able to fly because she had the keyhole surgery. She's doing fine, feeling very sorry for herself and is still quite immobile. She's having next week off work and we'll be looking after her quite a bit for a while yet. I'm just glad she's home.

J. and I had a great dinner last night. We did end up going to that Barnaby's place and it was gorgeous! It was candlelit and wooden floors, really really nice. We got taken to this table at the back of the restaurant right near the patio, so we could see the river behind us. SO NICE. We had garlic bread for starters, J. drank and I had orange juice since I was the chaueffer for the evening. J. ate shredded duck and salads for his entree, I had tuna fettucine minus the tuna, and it had pinenuts and mushrooms, just YUM. For my main, I just ate a sirloan steak with mashed potatoes, and it wasn't too bad. J. ate trout, and I was rather alarmed to see THE WHOLE FISH staring at me off his plate. I do love that we are in our 20's but can still make fun of our food. Good times.

Dumb Moment(s) of the Evening:

* Realising I actually can't drive in my high heeled shoes which I have not worn in approximately 3 years. Realising I am also rather bad at buckling up ankle-heeled shoes. It was quite nice though having J. down on his knees in the parking lot doing up said buckle. Love!

* Erm, cutting my fettucine with one large super-sized steak knife in front of J. and several of our waiters before J. decided to point out exactly why he was laughing at me. What! I just grabbed the first knife I saw, how the heck was I supposed to know that I was using the wrong one? Until I tried to cut my steak with a butter knife I guess...

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