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New Car? Very soon. New Computer? SATURDAY! -frolics around the room-

Just in time too, because this computer is apparently possessed. It woke me up and scared the shit out of me at about 4am this morning when it turned itself off and then restarted. All by itself. Gah! I'm most looking forward to the computer being speedier, speakers that actually work properly and a 17inch flat screen monitor! Hell yes!

It's really fun at school at the moment. Well, as fun as fun can be when fun involves getting up before 7am each day. But there are prac students out on placement for 3 weeks at the moment and I feel all mature and non-student-like anymore. It makes me laugh though to think all of a sudden I've been magically whacked over the head with the teacher stick. Sometimes I feel like I'm still on display as a student, not as a teacher. Weird. But a few students seem really nice. I want a prac student myself one day. I'd be extra nice to them and give them lots of advice (as much as I could anyway) - and I'd be nothing like the scary people I had myself on pracs.

I'm predicting I'm going to be very, very sick very, very soon. I had three kids in today who were hacking up the grossest coughs I've ever heard, sneezing like mad and feeling downright shit. I asked them why they were here since they looked so miserable, and they had told their parents - who still insisted they come to school. Gah! Granted yes, school is important but seriously. The kids didn't learn today because they were so zoned out, they're going to get another batch of kids sick in turn and THEN I'll get sick too. Bleh. It's much easier to just give them the day off, and get it over with! Cross your fingers with me that it sunk in to parents, and that I'll have a quiet Friday. Gah!

I washed my car in the dark tonight because I'm a freak. That is all.

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