Crisis Alert

I need your thoughts and wishes and prayers right now.

Let me explain. My parents have been out of state in Melbourne since Tuesday morning. Dad has business there and mum is staying with a friend that also lives in the suburb, so they both flew down together. They are staying in dad's hotel some nights, and other nights mum was going to go and be staying at her friend's place. All fine and dandy. They rang a few nights to say hi and all that, everything was fine.

Mum rang on Thursday afternoon saying she'd felt awful, she had been just feeling downright queasy, having some pains and some other stuff I won't mention since the internet probably doesn't want to know about that. But anyway. I told her to make sure she went and saw a doctor there if it got worse. She promised she would, and I didn't hear anything from her yesterday.

I got woken up this morning by a phone call to my mobile by dad. Mum was admitted to hospital in Melbourne at about 3am this morning because she was in so much pain. Turns out she has really, REALLY bad gall stones. So bad that they're having a rushed surgery to take out the entire gall bladder. It's happening TODAY. For those of you who know how shocking the Australian health and hospital system is, you'll know that it's insane for a surgery to be carried out that same day.

Needless to say I am panicking and I am so worried. I know it's not major surgery BUT mum has never had surgery before. She is also in a strange hospital in another state where I can't get to her and I feel awful. I know dad is there but, it's not the same.

** I just got a phone call from mum now -- she is very drugged and nauseous because of the meds she is on, and she's having surgery in the next two hours. Omg. **

I know it's not a huge operation but it's surgery and there is always a risk. And I feel so helpless and I don't really know what I can do. Gah.

If you want some info you can click here to find out about gall stones.. and stuff.

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~Kathryn~ said...

awwww - thanks for worrying about me !! i can't believe i was so brave !!!
now go make your mummy a coffee ;-)

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