Gah, my head!

Don't have a Broken Heart, Miss. You are beautiful. Love, H.

Is that the cutest note ever or what? I have no idea where the broken hearted part came from, maybe I just looked miserable or something. I tell you what, I have the kids for not even a full day (had an hour RFF relief time) and I'm bloody exhausted! And tomorrow is only Wednesday, boo. But I suppose it's one day down.. and ___ to go. I'm too lazy to work out exactly what the figure is.

Beginning Term 2 saw about half of my class come back with hair cuts. We have shaved heads, cropped heads, shaggy cuts, even a rats tail (gasp). But the prize comes to dear L. whose mother decided to cut her hair herself. Er, it's short at the back, and straggly at the front. For a ilttle girl, not a good look. But L. is very off with the fairies, so I doubt she even notices that it is not even. Remind me when I have children to never, not ever, for one teeny second, think that I can cut their hair myself. I don't care how expensive hair cuts will be, I'm paying! I'm already being a good mother to my unborn children, how scary.

I was very ambitious and made the trek to the book storeroom to get the kids exercise books all ready for this term. I found a whole stack, which is good. Now comes the dreaded task of covering all of them. Anyone got any QUICK and EASY ideas for book covers? I provide the A3 paper, the kids usually do the rest so it's a bit personal. Today we drew "school" things on our paper and we're going to paint over the background tomorrow. Last term we did our name, over and over again and painted over. I'm running out of creative ideas that don't involve too much mess or effort. Help!

It's 7.30pm, and I'm absolutely starving. Mum, dad and I spent the whole afternoon sitting in a car sales shop. My dad is buying a brand new car, which happens to smell very, very nice. We thought it was just to look at the car and maybe test drive it, but ended up sitting in the Ford Lounge while dad signed the paperwork in his blood, or so it seemed. Mum and I were rather impressed by the fact that there was a free coffee/hot chocolate machine that made damn good drinks, so we sat there watching television for a good hour. Good times! The car dad is buying is a Ford High Performance Vehicle. Meaning, it's a flash car with flash things inside it for a flash price. I nearly died. It drives great though and has very pretty seats that are sort of glittery. Not that that's why my dad would buy it, but yes. Anyway, it's not that tacky green colour. Dad has bought a black one with gold stripes. It's rather classy!

And then to the special news! I am very close to purchasing my first new car! Brand new! Complete with warranty, air conditioning and NEW CAR SMELL! The car I like is called a Ford Fiesta. You can see the colours there, I like the Tonic Dark Silver. Fweee! I can most likely get a loan for what I need and pay off the rest, so I'm really REALLY excited. I'm comparing two loan prices and rates tomorrow afternoon, and probably going back down on Friday afternoon with dad to take the car for a test drive and talk figures and stuff. I am nearly hyperventilating just reading about it. New car smell!

So because it's late and I'm hyper, I'm not really doing any work for school tomorrow. I'm a horribly unprepared teacher. But I'm also going to hopefully soon be a proud-owner-of-a-shiny-new-car teacher!

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Ruben A said...

Hey Alynda! =) I guess I am stalking you on here, huh? It's great to be able to read through your entries; I usually nod along, get to know more about you, admire you, or end up wondering what life has in store for me. Great blogs!

Alynda said...

Hi Ruben! Wow, I have missed you. How is life? I love stalkers, I'm so happy you commented. I hope you're doing fabulously dear! *hug*

Jen said...

Please tell me the "L" with the crappy haircut is my favourite little person. That would just make my day.

Maybe her mum is just really uncoordinated. My mum has cut my hair before and it looks just fine. Hey, Ive even cut my own fringe :P

And YAY on the new car front :)

*tackle hugs*

Alynda said...

Haha YES it's the L. you know. She is beginning to creep me out, which is not a good thing. But she'll sit on the floor with the rest of us and just rock and make noises.


And YAY! You finally commented! *tackle hugs back*

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