Sometimes I am a genius

I just had poem number 9 published on

Hoorah! See! I can write! Even if they are somewhat tacky rhyming poems about imaginary species on a website that I really probably shouldn't be playing anymore since I am -cough- nearly 22. Shutup! I like Neopets. It's a good time-killer. And I'm completely addicted to anything that helps me procrastinate.

Okay, so I don't have anything to update with really. We made Mothers Day cards yesterday in school and my idea was so good, the kindy teacher asked if she could use it. I just found a nice image of a rose tree, found a nice block font and typed in Happy Mothers Day. We did crepe paper balls screwed up and glued onto the flowers in all different colours and coloured in the font and stuck it on some cardboard. Then 1/2S had a discussion about what are some things mothers do. We came up with some cute ones (Brush our hair, take us places, make us food, clean after us (!) and the best one was: Buy us stuff (yeah, like toys!!). So I typed them all up and printed them off for us, to stick inside the cards. Then they wrote their messages. Awww!

I picked up my new computer. I'm having to stop myself from hugging my new monitor. It is in a big shiny box and omg. I can't wait to get it set up. Unfortunately, I have the technical capabilities of a flea, so I must wait for J to come up tonight so he can do all that for me. Probably while I watch TV and ask him annoying questions! Love! We are up to the final Prison Break (awaiting it's release in America anyway) and I CANNOT WAIT OH HOW I LOVE THAT SHOW. And we are also awaiting the last 2 eps of the current 24. Gah! The suspense! It kills me!

Last but not least, you 25 anonymous lurkers suck. I love the fact that I have lurkers (who would've thunk it?) but please.. please! Leave me a comment. Even if it just says "HI! I have purple socks on today!" Comments are love too. Off to stare at new monitor box some more.

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