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Why is it that just when you think you're getting a windfall..

Suddenly you owe money left right and center? I'm getting back $600 from tax last year which is awesome - that will come in handy to pay for the $6000 deposit I want to put on the car in a few weeks. But then suddenly, I have to pay the accounting fees for getting tax back, as well as board money for May and June - oh yeah, and then there is Jason's birthday on the 26th and Mothers Day too. Hoorah! I really do need to stop saying that so much.

We're having a 40th party bbq for my dad tonight, having some of their friends over as well as a couple of relatives and stuff. J. can't come because he's going to the football with his dad. =/ Sucks. But I guess that means my day of relaxing and doing uni stuff is gone, because my parents will soon turn possessed with house cleaning and cooking. And they'll drag me into it too.

I think I might spend this lovely day outside. I want to trim Gage's nails (He's my cockatoo, for those who don't know who Gage is) and I want to give the rabbits cage another scrubbing and have them out on the grass for a little while. Time for them to get out more. They love grass, the little piggies.

My gripe for today is idiot drivers. I am sick to death of watching fucking idiots be allowed to drive on the road. Makes me paranoid even driving my old bomb of a car - let alone if I get this new car. I'll be so scared to drive it that I'll never go anywhere. But I DID get to go 110kms/hour down the freeway for the first time yesterday and ohdearymethatwasfun.

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