Musings about Playground Duty

Strange that I'm randomly thinking of this topic when I'm not even at school.

Actually, I am instead sitting at home feeling rather sorry for myself and wishing I had someone around to keep me company. Alright. Wishing I had someone around to whine to. That sounds more real. (Although, the irony is that my mum gets home tomorrow, and she's going to be the one whining to me!) ((Although, that is to be expected since she did undergo, you know, emergency surgery and has four gashes on her stomach.)) (((Although, my evil cough did leave me gagging and retching for hours last night with no-one to cry to.))) ((((I really need to quit with the brackets already.))))

Something made me start thinking back to high school, and the teachers that did playground duty there. At high school there was the quad area and then the oval. That was basically it. So, two teachers at recess and two teachers at lunch time. On a staff of about 50, mind you. Meaning, the teachers didn't really have THAT many duties when you think about it.

I work at a school with a staff of about 12 teachers. And we have also got a quad and an oval. But because our staff are so small, we do playground duties 5 times a week. I have three lunchtime duties and 2 recess duties. It never used to bother me at first, but it's just getting so boring. I know it's necessary (hello, duty of care!) but it's a big waste of time. No wonder I get nothing done, ever. People think that teaching is an easy job, you get in at 9, you leave at 3 and hey! You get lots of holidays too. I'd like to respond to that with a big FUCK YOU! (Pardon the french.) ((Damn, I used brackets again.)) (((And by the way, I have never ONCE got in at 9 and left at 3.))) ((((And my lovely holidays are spent planning for the next bloody term that is about to start, so HA.))))

Our oval is pretty massive. And we get probably around 200 or so kids down there, most times? So how the hell is ONE teacher supposed to actively keep an eye on 200 cherubs who are running, screaming, kicking, throwing, dancing, walking, playing, etc etc? It just seems so hopeless. The nicest part of playground duty is being trailed around by a random group of kids who all chirp things like; "Miss, can I hold your apple for you?" The worst playground duty I've had so far this year? Breaking up two fights in 5 minutes. Different fights with different people, mind you. Gah.

Why am I thinking of this? I have absolutely no clue. Possibly because I would have had a dreaded oval lunchtime duty today if I actually had a voice and had my ass at school. And since I am not there, I have no cute quote for the day by one of my kids. Instead I shall do a random google web search and post the first tacky quote I can find.

Quote of the day:

"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."

Proudly brought to you by Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky!" Oh, and also the website that it produced. Which is apparently named The Simpsons Random Quote Generator. The wonders of Google!

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Jen said...

I think the best part is that while you might be responsible for 200 little cherubs, if they do beat the crap out of each other, as long as you're on the playground doing your job, you're not held responsible. Whee! (in the eyes of the law I mean... not that the other teachers and parents wont kill you)

~Kathryn~ said...

ahem - "mum will be whining at me" ... no never LOL

Kathy said...

I hear you on the playground duty. It sucks big time. thank goodness we only do 3 x 30 mins!

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