So, I have heard from the momma.

She came out of surgery fine, is groggy and sleepy but a-okay. She'll be in hospital until Monday it looks like, and they will probably have to catch the train back home to Sydney instead of flying. But not sure when that'll be.

Don't really care either. I just want her better. Thanks for the (invisible) thoughts.

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Jen said...

Im so glad she is okay :)

And I didnt comment on that entry because I was talking to you at the time, silly moo :P

Ive gotta go back and read your older entries now.

*shuffles off*

hana said...

heya aly,

soo bad to hear your mumma was sick :( but glad to hear she is now better!! :) hope her trip back is nice n safe... poor thing!

hope you're ok too? we tend to think our parents are invincible as kids... sucks to find out they're human just like us


Tiff said...

O man. I just read this. I'm so sorry that that happened to her, but I'm SOO glad she's ok. :o) *sends hugs*

Aly said...

Thanks lovelies., She's doing good. Still in hospital though :(

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