Le sigh

Days off are fun. I wish I could take them off more often.

I was doing some random searching and I've decided how sad I'm going to be when Charmed finishes. It's one of those few tv shows that I actually used to sit down and watch once a week. I usually get bored and wander off, but not with Charmed. I also own up to Season 6 on DVD - can't believe there are only 2 seasons left and that's it. (To buy, I mean - since the last season is already screened in the US)

So, if you like Charmed, check out the new soundtrack. I've got about 5 or 6 songs from it. It's not bad. Click here for a track listing: Charmed - The Final Chapter.

-sniff- I don't want it to finish! Then what the hell am I supposed to buy on DVD?

This entry sucked. But I'm in a sucky mood so suckity-suck-suck. God I hope noone gets referred here by gross Google searches again.

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