What a Rebel

Planning? Zilch. Stressing? Zilch. Stupid nerves coming back? Hell, yes.

Term 2 began with a bang! Ha. Not. It was a day spent in meetings. Meetings after meetings. We were given a nifty free USB device though, which was nice. I don't think we get to keep it though sadly, it's just for assessment purposes. I officially hate using Mac computers too. Give me a PC anyday. My Mac decided that it would be nice to ignore every command that I gave it, even though every other computer in the lab worked for every other person. Fabulous! I like my Ipod, but that's about it.

Don't ask my why my nerves have come back. It's so silly! I already know my cherubs, I know the cheeky ones, the lovely ones, the quiet ones and the terrors. They know me. But it's a new term, and it may be my last one here since my end date is June 30th. I'm determined to at least go out with a flair, meaning.. I need to kick ass with my teaching this time around. No more nerves. No more not lining up properly. Tomorrow, when my dear kidlets return, I'm not messing around. We're going to do some damn good learning thankyouverymuch. Um, and no, I haven't done my planning yet because of the staff meeting overload. So, tomorrow we shall kick butt without any preparation whatsoever. Hoorah!

So, while the next chapter of my teaching starts, I can't wait to have some more anecdotes and stories to write down in here. The things my class says/does. Man! They are exhausting but great. I need to write that down now so that in a few days when I'm tearing my hair out already, I can read back and remember that. Besides, I absolutely adore the notes they send me. They're lovely!

I am also proud to announce that I drove for the first time on my full licence today, just because I can. Did I mention that it's a GOLD one? I am so proud! Now to get some brand spanking new wheels to drive around without P-Plates. Anyone want to loan me $15,000?

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