Absolutely Ka-Nackered.

It can't possibly only be Monday?

I'm buggered. Can't exactly tell you why, either. Could have been wearing in my new wedge shoes which cost me a whopping $16 at Big-W, but man, they're cute! Good times.

So bummed, though. Came 6th in my footy tipping competition at work - DAMN YOU PANTHERS! Hah! I would have tied for third, or at least gotten fourth, except for two people who scored a perfect round and got 3 extra points each. Drats! Ah well. Next year I shall win! I am not competitive! Oh no!

Because I am so ka-nackered, I won't even give my usual bright-as-a-daisy Idol rundown. Most of my picks were right, except for Mutto, who is blossoming into a bigger tool than I ever thought possible. What the hell was he wearing tonight? Planning on robbing a bank after the Idol show, perhaps? Yay for Klancie, Yay for Ricky, Yay for Brother Chris. Amen.

And no, the change to this years Idol is not a secret. We'll be able to save or not save, which means nothing really, except that the money from all the bloody voting is going to end up paying for Kyle's next Jaguar or something. Whatever. I'm the biggest Idol freak, yet have I ever actually rang up and voted? Er.. Wait, I think we did at one point, I don't remember. But my votes are sent through telepathically instead. Much cheaper that way.

Now I am off to sleep and watch Grey's Anatomy.

Oh, oh, and one more Idol thing before I go ~~ Lalaaaaaaaaaaa; Last year the tickets went open (freebies) on Sunday nights, or Monday nights, I can never remember, but they released them after the show. And we just happened to be freaks who refreshed a lot, and won a couple of shows. Heee. I want to go again.

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Belinda Howlett said...

I just gave the ticket thing a go - this year they are having providing "room for fans to rock"!!! so more chance for tickets. thnaks for the giggle

LaLa said...

Thanks babes! I have logged on and tried to get some for the 17th, this way I can blog about it just like I did with Yasmin. Wow. I have such high falutin' tastes in tv!

Jen said...

"But my votes are sent through telepathically instead. Much cheaper that way."

And probably equally as effective...

Jess said...

The wildcards were such a disappointment. WHY WOULDNT ANYONE THINK ABOUT LYDIA!?

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