EzyDVD EzyDVD, How I love thee!

My faith in online DVD stores is restored! Restored, I tell you!

Anyone remember my my slightly peeved rant about my locked Gilmore Girls DVD?

I arrived home from the gym today, hot, sweaty and slightly sore (Why does the shin bone in just ONE leg hurt like hell? Someone please explain?) when mum passed me a note. She had taken a message for me from EzyDVD, who had called to talk to me about the comment I had recieved on the forementioned blog post;

Hi Aly,

I found your site from your blog about Gilmore Girls
DVD (cool site btw). I am the General Mgr of EzyDVD - sounds like we
did a good job messin' you around with the red tag security device -
not sure how or why this happened but please accept our apologies for
this oversight. If you let me know your ezydvd user ID by email I will
ensure that we provide you something to even the ledger. Hope your
Gilmore Girl DVD's all arrived in tact, and you had a good viewing

Cynic that I am, I thought it was a fake email. -cough- So, I emailed the support to query it. As you do.

Turns out that YES. That email WAS genuine! And I feel like a complete dork! Hoorah! Perhaps I should go and edit the cranky old post? Hrm.

The lovely folks at EzyDVD credited $20 off my next purchase - which happens to be CSI Season 4, which I have on pre-order. THANKYOU EZYDVD. You have made my evening! Now go and buy from them. Pronto! I'll even give you the link! Aren't I wonderful? www.ezydvd.com.au

Now. On to my next purchase.... Shall I go for Season 5 of Gilmore Girls, or more ER? I foresee lots of television in my future...

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~Kathryn~ said...

well since i've brought the last 5 ER's - it is probably YOUR turn to get season 6 and 7

LaLa said...

BAH! Is the miracle of blogging.

That is awesome!

Have a lovely, long weekend! xx

30andflirty said...

Yeah for Gilmore Girls! I lost interest around Season 4 though...Rory got to be rather disappointing.

But boy, you sure do have good taste in TV!! :)
I still have to do my ANTM recap. hee!

Aly said...

Mum ~ I'm poor! POOR! Car loan! I think you should buy the next ER's.. you started my ER obsession after all!

Lala Jul ~ You too, chook. xo

Aimee ~ Thankya.. thankya very much. I love my TV, too much perhaps? Never! I haven't even started my GG viewing yet. Or my House. Or um, any of the others. Yipes!

Belinda Howlett said...

Do you hire these things out???

Aly said...

No Bel, actually buying them ~ Online DVD store. xD

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