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No... Not that kind. Perves!

So I was thinking about this earlier, when I was in the middle of my workout, and had to make a blog about it. (May I please insert here that I have been a motivated little chook, who has made it to the gym every day this week all by herself again? Go me!) Anyway.

I was bouncing around on the exercise mats like a loon, with my arms swinging wildly by my sides, minding my own business (with the exception of peeking at what the other ladies were doing on their own exercise mats, for future reference, you know) (And I may also have been looking to see if anyone else was as red or hot as myself) (Oh, and seeing if their boobs flung up as high in the air as mine do when they're bouncing) when I heard someone call out my name.

Low and behold, there is my uber glamourous cousin standing in the doorway, all glammed up and looking a million bucks. I think my jaw dropped, before I puffed out a "Hi, how are you?" and then tried to subtly wipe the dripping sweat from my forehead and yank my t-shirt over my gut at the same time. I don't think I succeeded in either. I don't really keep in touch with this cousin at all, despite the fact that they live in the same suburb as me, bleh, family stuff, you know?

But it's funny - Mum had mentioned just the other day that she didn't mind running into people at the gym, so long as it wasn't _______ (insert name here). For me? Anyone I went to high school with. It's bad enough that I've gained stacks of weight since high school, but I definitely wouldn't be too keen on looking like a big unco-ordinated whale in front of them. I know I'm not very important in the grand scheme of things, but can't a girl have her dignity? Thankfully this is a chicks-only place, so no guys allowed, which makes my self consciousness a LOT better.

So my question is? Who is/are the person/people that you would MOST dread running into at the gym?

P.S. I think I have a calf muscle forming! Hoorah!

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LaLa said...

Erm... anyone on earth that I fancied. This has happened before and it was traumatic.

I am so proud of you.

Meanwhile, I just ate half a choc chip muffin.

My excuse is I felt dizzy today, thus, need sugar.

Jen said...

the same people i would hate to run into anywhere else. mainly from high school. im not very social.

yay for you going to the gym so much, im proud.

sorry for lack of caps, fizzy is sleeping/snoring on my left arm.

Jason said...

Im proud of you :)

Hana said...

since i am one of "those people" you went to High School with, i think i'll just shut up ;) hee!

ps. i saw your brother and who i assume to be his girlfriend (?) at Parramatta today :)

... they looked so cute together...

swampgrrl said...

hahaha...what a funny post.
i've been recently in touch with the
first boy i ever kissed, on whom i've
had a mad crush. he hasn't seen me
since high school (about 23 years ago...yeah, i'm old).

i would be so afraid to run into him. i would have to quickly throw a towel over
my head and dart to the nearest exit!!

~Kathryn~ said...

_____________ insert name here PMSL

kirby said...

I'm impressed at your gym going enthusiasm.. I'd be over it by now.
So yes. I would also hate to run into anyone I went to high school with (barring SJ), but that's in general - not specific to a gym...
(guyme, what's a guyme?)

Aly said...

Jul ~ That's the good thing about a women's only gym. No fancying there, except for the occasional "Why don't I look like that when I work out?" thought.

Jen ~ Heh. You know me, not the world's brightest social butterfly. But I try. Hi Fizz!

Jase ~ HE IS ALIVE! HE UNLURKS! I love you!

Hana ~ Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind if I ran into YOU at the gym, seeing as I never see you. *sniff* Yes, Ajay and Hayley are the world's cutest couple. Disgusting, aint it?

Swampgrrl ~ Right on! I think I'll have to bring a towel with me from now on, in case I see anyone I don't really want to see. Surely I can make an inconspicuos bolt to the dressing rooms with a towel over my head. Noone will notice, oh no.. ;)

Mum ~ Yeah, we all know who YOU don't want to see there !! Haha!

Kirbyla ~ It's a shame you don't live closer. We could go together! I need a gym buddy. I am sad.

Teacher Jane said...

I think I'd most dislike seeing my students there. I also can't imagine seeing some of the more "popular" people from high school -- the ones who never sweated in gym class or had a hair out of place. Unless, of course, they're obese and sweaty, too, at which point, yes, I would like to see them and laugh at them and revel in the fact that ha! they have gained more weight than me.

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