Sunday Scribblings: Fortune Cookies

Have you ever wanted.. just keep ripping open the damn cookies until you finally read the fortune that you wanted all along?

That's sort of how I feel at the moment, when I think about fortune cookies.

Perhaps it's because the fortunes are always so generic, so processed, so run of the mill that I'm cynical? Perhaps it's because we don't really even have fortune cookies all that much where I am and it is all a big novelty event.

I wish the fortunes were personalised. Wouldn't that be nice?

At the moment though, I'd love to be anywhere but here on a Friday night. I'd love to be out eating Chinese food (or possibly Thai, but I wouldn't be choosy, promise!) with people that make me smile. I'd love to be at the end of a scrumptious meal and awaiting the rest of the night that lay ahead. And of course, crumbling a cookie between my fingers and eagerly awaiting the infinite wisdom laying between the sugary layers.

My personal fortune? Would probably be something along the lines of this;

"She who stops eating these damn cookies and gets her butt on the treadmill is the smartest cookie of all."

Good times! Anyone care to join me for a night out?

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Viviane said...

I would but I think we'll have to postpone that for a day that we are at least on the same continent, though preferrably in the same city! Heh.
I also wish fontune cookies weren't so generic. I have gotten the same twice before.

bonnie said...

You are too funny! I can't believe that I actually posted before you did -- seems like you are always first. Anyway, if I was on the same continent, and in the same city as you, I would go out for a meal and a good laugh. If you come to China, we could go out for Chinese (good Chinese food!), but then, there are no fortune cookies here. Have a good one!

Paris Parfait said...

Your post reminded me of the time my daughter and I were living in San Francisco and bought a whole bag of fortune cookies - eating our way through, while searching for a fortune that was acceptable! :)

Kerstin said...

Ah yes, I have done that, when the Chinese delivery came with two handfuls of cookies, I eagerly crack them all open in the hope of finding at least one that makes sense and appeals!

Your last fortune had me laugh out loud, very funny!

Very nice post, thank you. Kerstin

Chelle Y. said...

I do the same thing, rip open all the cookies to see what "fortune" I liked best!

Life doesn't work that way, huh?

Rob(briliantdonkey) said...

congrats on the safe return from hell errrrrr the dentist. Nice post on this weeks prompt. Loved that last fortune. Rotflmao.


Don said...

Kind of a long commute, but sure, I'll join ya...
Based on a couple of posts that I've now read from people in Australia, it seems someone could "make a fortune" by starting a fortune cookie company there!

Mardougrrl said...

I have been known to swap fortunes with TEG...;) Great take on the prompt and a lot of fun--and the end is a kicker!

Ceebie said...

Loved your post. I have this weird habit of not reading the fortune until the cookie has been completely chewed and swallowed by me. Then I read it, and usually don't like what I read either :P

Imelda said...

Perhaps, since they're so often not what we'd want to hear, I'm fortunate in not getting fortune cookies when I eat Chinese.

Tammy said...

I'm so with you! I live in the country so no good chinese, no thai or sushi. HELP!!! LOL

Roadchick said...

Count Roadchick in - drinks are on her!

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