Missing Idol? Who, me?

I was too busy out having Thai food last night to watch Australian Idol. -gasp-

I'm about to go and watch it now, and luckily fast forward through all the boring ad bits and Mark Holden talking. No write-up this week though, alas. I'm too lazy, and not in the mood.

Just got off the treadmill (I HATE walking in the afternoons, damnit) and now I'm all hot and sweaty and grouchy. I can't do my walking in the mornings because mum hogs it, and I simply cannot get up earlier than 6am to start the walk. It kills me! So afternoons it is - hot, sweaty afternoons - can someone please call up Mother Nature and beg for her forgiveness? It's supposed to be 30o (celcius, people) and it's JUST turned from Winter to Spring. Wah!

Dinner last night was great! We got completely lost trying to find poor Stefi at Parramatta station, seeing as there is absolutely NO reasonable way around anymore what with all the new renovations. There is enough bus access to compare it to the airport, yet nowhere to actually stop the damn car and pick people out. We finally hijacked Stefi, nearly ran her over, stuffed her into the car and off we went for Thai. I forgot my camera. I am a bad friend.

Food was yummy! Chicken and cashew stir-fry with rice for me, and Garlic Lamb. J. and I shared. Thai food, oh how I love thee! I could happily eat that forever and ever. Minus the carbs and the whole cost expenses, and the rest. But GOOD! Good food! Yummy! Did I mention that yet!?

Oh and lastly? Pool is fun, until you start losing so badly you begin to sulk. And it's rather sad when the most amazing shots you do, are the ones that happen when you're not even trying. Heeee!

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Belinda Howlett said...

OH COME ON!!!!!!
See you tomorrow

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